How the Pursuit of Perfection Can Limit Your Success


Perfecting a passion set can pay massive dividends long term. But not starting towards a passion because of the fear of perfection is worse than trying. Making an attempt is better than striving for a perfect attempt right out of the gate.

Many personal development gurus advise us to develop our passion. The¬†passion could be teaching, carpentry, preaching or cooking. Regardless of the passion, our best interest is honing a skill until we have reached ‘perfection.’ That is when we become world-class at a skill.

But what if we’re just starting out? Can the pursuit of perfection limit our immediate success pursuing an interest?

In sort, absolutely.

My Perfect Blog

Since spring of 2015, I have wanted to have a personal development blog focused towards millennials. (Or more precisely, those ages 35 and under). My content would inspire readers to jump towards a better future.

I would instantly sit down at my laptop and craft messages like a strong mix between Jesus and Fergie. And all of this will be done in about thirty minutes or less.

Needless to say, my aspirations didn’t pan out. I bought a domain name and successfully published a couple posts in two years. Site development also totaled $600 over the same period. I pressured¬†myself to build a perfect blog.

In this case, I failed because I tried being perfect without making any attempts. Rather than having a ‘marginal’ blog, I had an empty website. Two years of time also past where I could have developed my skills better over time. Instead, I had nothing.

The Perfection Take-a-Way

Greatness does come from the tireless pursuit of perfection. But Wayne Gretzky said it best, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Shooting and missing your first few attempts is OK because you’re starting something new.

It’s better to attempt and fail at first than not attempt at all. God has gifted you with a talent that He wants you to use for His glory. But if you never try it out, what good does that do?

This weekend, I’m giving something I always wanted to do a second try. Only this time, I’m not concerned with everything being perfect.

Question: What is a passion of your’s that you haven’t pursued because of the fear of not being ‘perfect’?

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